Hybrid cloud apps on Google and on-prem, with AppScale and Nutanix

TL;DR: AppScale runs on Nutanix with no changes, offering another option for App Engine apps to run on-prem (check out the video below!).

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Capacity Planning: Auto-Scaling for Large Loads

 In AppScale, we call each App Engine application instance an AppServer. It’s the unit we use to scale the application. Applications need at least one AppServer running to serve requests. Adding

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Adventures in Azure Land

 AppScale 3.1 saw the introduction of the Azure agent in a beta capability. AppScale 3.2 brings a new and improved Azure agent which graduates to production ready our support of Azure. One of the

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AppScale + Azure: Scale Made in Heaven

We recently have received growing interest from our customers in moving their Google App Engine workload to Microsoft Azure, and to emerging markets around the globe.  This is no surprise given

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How to Rescue Your Apps with the Help of AppScale

We're excited to have Chandra Krintz, Founder and Chief Science Officer at AppScale, interviewed on Microsoft's DevRadio.

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A Freediver's Tips to Finding Strategic Partners

Cold, dark, sounds, movements...focus & execution. Being an avid outdoorsman, I partake in some very fun and challenging recreational activities. One of which is freediving in the cold night

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