AppScale: The Secret Weapon for Product Managers

Product Managers (PMs) today must be "Jacks (or Jacklyns) of All Trades" -- adept at a wide variety business and technology roles within a company, in order to manage multiple products from inception to phase out.  Given intense time-to-market pressures, PMs must also be agile and adaptive to be successful.

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Gartner, Google, AppScale and UCSB

The mention of AppScale in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant came as a surprise to us at AppScale.  It wasn’t that AppScale was mentioned; after all, our customers

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Life in a Container: AppScale in Docker

Docker and AppScale

Docker hardly needs any introduction: it's been extremely popular as of late, for very good reasons.

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Three Steps for Tapping Into the Chinese Mobile Gaming Market

For many mobile game studios, China represents an untapped audience of 366 million users that spend $6 billion a year on apps and in-app purchases.

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What Google's Support of Open Source Means for Cloud

It has been interesting to watch the rapid growth of Google, and especially the Google Cloud Platform, this past year.

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Three Reasons Game Developers Love AppScale

Gaming companies have been large adopters of aPaaS (application Platform as a Service).

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What does it mean to copyright an API?

Lead Engineer Raj Chohan dives into what it means to copyright an API.

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An Open Letter to CIOs

Enterprise CIO’s are under fire. The enterprise demands agility and innovation at a rapid pace. Competition is fierce and the stakes are high. 

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