AWS everywhere, and I’m not talking about Outposts.

    As we accelerate into the second half of 2019, I wanted to share how our new, innovative product offerings are solving real customer challenges and driving outstanding business outcomes.

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    Pulumi — first impressions

    Pulumi, which came out of stealth mode yesterday, is an interesting technology. It allows someone to describe their cloud application stack — on any cloud — using general-purpose programming

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    How much does Google App Engine cost to run your app vs. IaaS?

    When Google App Engine (GAE) launched in preview for 20,000 developers in early 2008, few would have guessed that it would reach 100,000+ active developers per month and 200,000+ active apps per

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    1.5 Billion Reasons Why Your App Needs to Enter the Chinese Market—And How to Do It

    Entering China remains a complicated venture for many companies. How can apps scale the Great Firewall without running afoul of laws?

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    AppScale: The Secret Weapon for Product Managers

    Product Managers (PMs) today must be "Jacks (or Jacklyns) of All Trades" -- adept at a wide variety business and technology roles within a company, in order to manage multiple products from

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    Gartner, Google, AppScale and UCSB

    The mention of AppScale in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant came as a surprise to us at AppScale.  It wasn’t that AppScale was mentioned; after all, our customers

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    Life in a Container: AppScale in Docker

    Docker and AppScale

    Docker hardly needs any introduction: it's been extremely popular as of late, for very good reasons.

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    Three Steps for Tapping Into the Chinese Mobile Gaming Market

    For many mobile game studios, China represents an untapped audience of 366 million users that spend $6 billion a year on apps and in-app purchases.

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    What Google's Support of Open Source Means for Cloud

    It has been interesting to watch the rapid growth of Google, and especially the Google Cloud Platform, this past year.

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    Three Reasons Game Developers Love AppScale

    Gaming companies have been large adopters of aPaaS (application Platform as a Service).

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