Monit Bug Impacting AppScale Deployments

    tl;dr: Due to a recently discovered bug in Monit, you may have encountered issues with running AppScale or applications within AppScale. A workaround is to downgrade Monit and temporarily prevent

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    The Importance of Keeping Up with the Latest Images

    You may have noticed that we recently created 3 point releases of AppScale (latest 3.5.3). In order for you to enjoy uninterrupted operation and successfully start new AppScale deployments, please

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    How much does Google App Engine cost to run your app vs. IaaS?

    When Google App Engine (GAE) launched in preview for 20,000 developers in early 2008, few would have guessed that it would reach 100,000+ active developers per month and 200,000+ active apps per

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    AppScale 3.4 Provides Production-ready Dev Environment with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial)

    With the latest AppScale release (3.4), we will default all new deployments and installation to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial). Published AppScale images are based on Long Term Support images to ensure

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    AppScalefile: Simply Better

    Simply better. Starting  with the release of AppScale 3.4, the syntax of AppScalefile - the definition of an AppScale deployment - will change. (Further changes may be introduced in a future

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    Latency Kills and How You Can Improve It in GAE Apps

    High latency can kill a user’s experience and hurt your bottom line. An Amazon study found that every tenth of a second added to how long it took to render a web page had adverse effects on

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    Going production with AppScale

    I frequently get asked what the ideal setup is for a production AppScale deployment.

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    Running AppScale on a Raspberry Pi 2

     One of my favorite things about the AppScale platform is its ability to run anywhere.

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    Life in a Container: AppScale in Docker

    Docker and AppScale

    Docker hardly needs any introduction: it's been extremely popular as of late, for very good reasons.

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    'Scale' in AppScale

    Learn how AppScale scales to meet the needs of your application and your users.

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