AppScale 3.5: The Datastore Viewer Explained

tl;dr: Datastore Viewer introduced in AppScale 3.5 allows users to inspect the contents of the NoSQL database which is available to all AppScale applications out of the box.

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Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.5

We are thrilled to announce that AppScale 3.5 has just been released!

The 3-series has been focused on improving the user experience for our core users of application developers and operators. 3.5

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AppScale 3.4 Provides Production-ready Dev Environment with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial)

With the latest AppScale release (3.4), we will default all new deployments and installation to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial). Published AppScale images are based on Long Term Support images to ensure

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AppScalefile: Simply Better

Simply better. Starting  with the release of AppScale 3.4, the syntax of AppScalefile - the definition of an AppScale deployment - will change. (Further changes may be introduced in a future

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AppScale 3.4 Released

The AppScale team is excited to announce the availability of AppScale 3.4! This release contains new features, additions to the API, performance improvements, upgrades for dependencies, and bug

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AppScale 3.3 Released!

We are excited to announce the new release of AppScale. AppScale 3.3 strengthens and perfects the new features introduced in 3.2, and the main theme for this release has been

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AppScale tools get smarter --Use them now to provision your resources

AppScale’s strong suit has been to support a wide range of resources, from clouds (public and private) to virtualized environments (virtualbox, kvm, docker, and more) to bare-metal (clusters and

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AppScale 3.2 Released!

We are thrilled to announce the release of AppScale 3.2. The main theme for the next installment in the AppScale 3 series, has been the tuning and improvement of the Big Data capabilities of

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AppScale 3.1 : Take advantage of the Microsoft Azure Platform

We are pleased to announce the release of AppScale 3.1, the second release of the 3 series.

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Datastore Changes in 3.0

The datastore is one of the most heavily-used Google App Engine APIs, and it was one of the first components that AppScale implemented. It has seen many iterations, including (at one time) support

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