AWS everywhere, and I’m not talking about Outposts.

    As we accelerate into the second half of 2019, I wanted to share how our new, innovative product offerings are solving real customer challenges and driving outstanding business outcomes.

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    Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.7

    AppScale 3.7.1 is now available on GitHub and as ready-to-use images on all public clouds: check for instructions. (We'll have it available in cloud

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    Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.6

    AppScale 3.6 has just been released and we are encouraging everyone to upgrade now. Any older release currently running could be susceptible to disruption due to an unexpected security update to

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    Interning at AppScale

     How did an Italian engineering student make her "California Dream" come true?

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    AppScale 3.5: The Datastore Viewer Explained

    tl;dr: Datastore Viewer introduced in AppScale 3.5 allows users to inspect the contents of the NoSQL database which is available to all AppScale applications out of the box.

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    Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.5

    We are thrilled to announce that AppScale 3.5 has just been released!

    The 3-series has been focused on improving the user experience for our core users of application developers and operators. 3.5

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    Hybrid cloud apps on Google and on-prem, with AppScale and Nutanix

    TL;DR: AppScale runs on Nutanix with no changes, offering another option for App Engine apps to run on-prem (check out the video below!).

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    AppScale 3.4 Provides Production-ready Dev Environment with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial)

    With the latest AppScale release (3.4), we will default all new deployments and installation to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial). Published AppScale images are based on Long Term Support images to ensure

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    AppScalefile: Simply Better

    Simply better. Starting  with the release of AppScale 3.4, the syntax of AppScalefile - the definition of an AppScale deployment - will change. (Further changes may be introduced in a future

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    Capacity Planning: Auto-Scaling for Large Loads

     In AppScale, we call each App Engine application instance an AppServer. It’s the unit we use to scale the application. Applications need at least one AppServer running to serve requests. Adding

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