Three Reasons Game Developers Love AppScale

    Posted by Shaun Juncal on 7/9/15 10:30 AM
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    Gaming companies have been large adopters of aPaaS (application Platform as a Service).

     An aPaaS allows game studios to build applications faster than ever, all while providing high degrees of scalability for when applications become popular. Companies such as Rovio (Angry Birds), Backflip Studios (Paper Toss) and Pocket Gems (Animal Voyage) all use Google App Engine to deliver the very best gaming experience to their billions of users every day.

    With AppScale, gaming studios can leverage the powerful development model of Google App Engine while maintaining greater control over data residency, performance and cost.


    Rapid Development

    Google App Engine has proven to be extremely popular with game studios for two main reasons. First off, App Engine’s API-driven development model allows teams to build and launch games faster than ever. Secondly, App Engine abstracts away the underlying infrastructure running applications, allowing studios to focus on creating the best games possible without worrying about the machines running them.

    AppScale uses the same APIs as Google App Engine, providing game creators with the same development experience as in GAE. AppScale can also be deployed on a local machine using VirtualBox or KVM, empowering dev teams to do full testing in a production environment throughout the development cycle.

    Scalability & Cost

    Planning for scalability is an important aspect of building and launching most modern games. AppScale provides vertical and horizontal auto-scaling to ensure that you deliver a world-class experience to your users, even during peak loads.

    AppScale has been proven under load, with applications running on AppScale in Google Compute Engine handling over 1,500 request per second and over 6.7 billion daily datastore operations.

    AppScale worked closely with BetterCloud’s team to complete a proof-of-concept for reducing their monthly bill. By migrating a stub of the FlashPanel application to Google Compute Engine and simulating loads, AppScale was able to demonstrate that BetterCloud could save over 35% on their monthly bill.


    The Chinese market represents an ever-growing opportunity for mobile and gaming companies. While Google App Engine is inaccessible from mainland China, AppScale allows users to run applications built for GAE in another public cloud, such as AWS or Aliyun, while providing the scalability required to deliver performance and availability.


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