The Importance of Keeping Up with the Latest Images

    Posted by AppScale Staff on 8/2/18, 12:59 PM

    You may have noticed that we recently created 3 point releases of AppScale (latest 3.5.3). In order for you to enjoy uninterrupted operation and successfully start new AppScale deployments, please make sure you either use the latest version of the ready-to-use AppScale images or to upgrade your deployment.

    First, some background information

    If you installed AppScale from source, you’ll have noticed that it takes a fair amount of time to get the image ready, and most of this time is spent sorting dependencies and installing packages. The reason for this is that AppScale’s portability requires that we have the proper packages to talk to Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or any other supported cloud/infrastructure, as well as to ensure that the latest security patches are applied.

    What required the point releases? 

    Issues that required the point releases were related to dependencies that were updated after each release. With 3.5.1, we included a security patch to ensure that Cassandra would be able to start, and 3.5.3 upgraded a dependency that prevented a proper image to be built from source. 

    Our QA system caught the issues as our builds started to fail, and we quickly updated our images, but we still are seeing some reports of failed starts, which is an indication of older images being used.

    Providing ready-to-use images for all clouds

    We have a wide range of ways for you to start an AppScale deployment, from marketplace images (single-click deployment) to ready-to-use images on public cloud infrastructure like Azure or GCP. We are also in Docker registry, and of course, we have the option to build from source.

    How to upgrade to the latest AppScale image

    If you start a new deployment following the instructions for our ready-to-use images, then you are guaranteed to use the latest version, but you may be inadvertently using an older image you have locally. The solution is to either upgrade your current deployment or make sure you are using the latest ready-to-use image provide by AppScale.


    If you have any questions at all or need help, drop us a note or post a message in our community forum. We look forward to hearing from you!

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