Reduce your AWS bill running Dev/Test workloads on AppScale ATS

Posted by AppScale Staff on 5/4/21 3:25 PM

Did you know that you can have huge savings on your AWS Dev/Test environments running them on AppScale ATS? Many of our customers didn't realize exactly how much cheaper it is to run AWS Dev/Test workloads on private infrastructure and move workloads to production on AWS as soon as they're ready.

Just like many of our customers, you may be part of the vast legion of AWS users that is uncovering the dirty little secret of cloud spend: the bill never really goes down and the cloud meter's always running... With AppScale ATS, you get a fully compatible AWS Dev/Test environment, without any of the cost drawbacks.

Public clouds are great for elasticity. Deploying production workloads in AWS is perfect to accommodate for load variance and general growth in usage. However, given a predictable development-and-test workload, many find that running their CI/CD outside AWS is a lot cheaper. Besides cost concerns, development teams may prefer to build applications on-premises for security and performance reasons, then deploy them to the public cloud for production. AppScale ATS enables such development teams to leverage deployment venues outside AWS to significantly lower the cost of R&D, improve performance, and security.

In parallel with increased AWS public cloud adoption, we've seen an increased demand for affordable and secure environments for developing and testing applications that will eventually be deployed on the public cloud. With AppScale ATS, you can do so in an environment that is fully compatible with the core AWS APIs and even without having to expose your code to the internet (Air-Gapped). Keep everything on private infrastructure and migrate workloads to AWS public cloud as soon as they're ready for production. Conversely, some customers use AppScale ATS when their AWS native applications need to be deployed in a more secure location for compliance or data residency purposes. 

AppScale ATS' pricing is based on a flat, monthly billing model, with no extra fees for data egress or API calls taking the guesswork and fluctuations out of AWS public cloud billing:

  • All-you-can-eat pricing: You’ll always know your exact bill ahead of time, and you don’t need to worry that usage fluctuations will cause cost fluctuations.
  • No added costs: Unlike public clouds, AppScale doesn’t charge extra fees for data egress or API calls.
  • No more CapEx: Because AppScale bundles hardware and software costs into a single package, your monthly bill covers all of your expenses.

    Why run AWS Dev/Test workloads on AppScale? Over the years, our team has analyzed a lot of AWS workloads of companies and organizations across a broad spectrum of industry verticals. One thing we've learned is that Dev/Test workloads tend to encompass a substantial part of an organizations’ IT budget. A nice bonus is that most AWS Dev/Test workloads have similar patterns that make them a great fit for AppScale ATS:
  • Dev/Test tends to be expensive. Evidently, this varies by organization and goals, but seeing about 30% of AWS cloud spend going to Dev/Test is very common;
  • Dev/Test workloads are designed to be restarted and moved and are usually monitored very closely (controlled environment). This means that moving them into a new region, or being able to confirm performance is part of a normal Dev/Test run;
  • Dev/Test data is controlled: whether the data sets used for Dev/Test are extracted from production environments or synthetically generated the inputs are very well defined, making it a self-contained workload;
  • Given that load testing is usually controlled, the resource usage is easily predictable, based on the various load tests to be executed

    With a substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO), AppScale is a great solution to save you significantly on your AWS Dev/Test operations. 

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