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    Posted by Matthias Van Den Eede on 6/6/17 12:24 PM
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    app_freedom_v1blog pic.pngWhen Google made App Engine available to the public in 2008, it was an immediate success. Developers and innovators loved the ability to quickly create web and mobile applications.  This ease of use made Google App Engine (GAE) popular with start-up innovators and agile enterprises. There are many benefits to using GAE including the auto-scaling of applications and services, and the no-ops experience it provides.

    These benefits allow innovators to focus on the business needs of their application without worrying about the services or infrastructure the application requires. Developers and enterprises obviously agree as over six million applications, including: SnapChat, Angry Birds, Udacity, Pokémon Go and many others have been launched on Google App Engine to date.



    Once you start using GAE, you will fall in love with this brilliant development model. We have spoken to hundreds of developers who are so smitten with the ease of use, quick MVP’s and automatic scalability, that they will not even consider another development model.  

    However, there are challenges that result from running in GAE. The first is Geolocation; although Google has many datacenters around the globe, some regions are less reliable and others are totally inaccessible. For example, in Mainland China the Great Firewall precludes access to many services running outside of the country. With no Google App Engine clouds located in Mainland China your business application can be prevented from accessing that market. Another challenge can arise when your company works with sensitive or private data. In this case, you might need to run your application on-premise or on a cloud provider that is HIPAA and/or FedRAMP compliant. Thirdly, you may simply want to avoid lock-in to a single cloud provider and would prefer the ability to run on the cloud of your choice.  

     AppScale is your protection from these challenges. Without forcing you to leave the GAE development platform you’ve come to know and love, AppScale can provide your application with portability. And there’s no need for the expensive and time consuming process of rewriting your application. Challenges like geolocation concerns, privacy considerations and lock-in avoidance can all be solved with AppScale.


    AppScale is the world’s most popular open source Platform as a Service. AppScale implements  Google App Engine in Open Source, meaning you have the same benefits of the brilliant App Engine development model without being locked-in to Google. You now have the flexibility to run your GAE application on any public, private,  or multicloud solution you desire.  AppScale provides freedom for your application. You still retain the App Engine model for quick development and launch of your application but now you have the freedom to choose which cloud to use.  Easy. Fast. AppScale.

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    AliCloud, AWS, Azure, GCP … all available in the Marketplace!

    I know you are eager to try out AppScale and for this reason I am happy to announce that we are available in the Marketplace of AliCloud, AWS, Azure and GCE . Now that’s cloud portability! In only 5 minutes and with one click you can spin-up an instance on the cloud of your choice.  We have made sure that you always have the latest AppScale version available so you can run your application on AppScale anywhere.

    I also encourage you to take a test drive of our Cloud Cost Calculator (CCC).  With the AppScale CCC, you can compare the cost of running your app in Google App Engine vs running in GCP, AWS, Azure, Alibaba or SoftLayer.  Most of our customers see substantial savings.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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