AppScale's Hybrid AWS Solution Can Help Reduce Your AWS Bill

Posted by Nicolas Denutte on 4/14/20 11:08 AM

We’re living in a different world. Retail shops, restaurants, schools, offices, parks are being closed and travel restrictions are being imposed. All this has resulted in people spending more time at home and a huge increase in remote work, video conferencing, gaming, streaming, etc... bringing cloud computing to the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis. Cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft are seeing enormous growth in infrastructure usage over the past weeks and are spinning up capacity for people to remain connected with work and family during these unprecedented times.

Of course, the shift to more cloud adoption has been ongoing for a while. In the decade since the Great Recession, cloud computing became the de facto strategy for startup companies and enterprises. AWS remains far in the lead as the dominant public cloud provider and many companies have embraced AWS technology for developing, testing, and deploying their software. Even though fears of a recession mount we expect this trend to further accelerate as companies continue to prioritize digital overhauls.

Organizations that run “spiky/bursty” workloads and rely on AWS are realizing the value propositions of scalability and reliability. Nevertheless, the benefit of elastically scaling the capacity of your workloads comes at a price. We see many customers that have scaled up their cloud capacity be taken aback by the AWS cost they incur. While innovative services from Amazon speed up development, companies find the bulk of their cloud spend going to virtual machine deployments (EC2, EBS, VPC, etc). Even with 1- and 3-year reserve pricing, many of those workloads can be deployed for significantly less outside the public cloud.

As companies re-evaluate their IT budgets in the next couple of months we expect them to continue to look closely at the infrastructure options available. To create the right mix of IT infrastructure in a cost-efficient way, companies will more than ever want to align platform capabilities with the unique workload characteristics of each application in their portfolio; that is to deploy workloads on the right platform, at the right time, at the right cost. This will result in workloads being deployed on a thoughtful mix of traditional data centers, private clouds on-premise, hosted private clouds, and public cloud deployments. With AWS being the leading public cloud provider, many companies would like to leverage their investment and expertise in AWS technologies and extend it on-premises to drive productivity, agility, and cost savings.

AppScale is specialized in helping customers to optimize their IT footprint leveraging a hybrid cloud strategy. Deploying some of their IT workloads in AWS and some in a different deployment venue (On-Prem, Colo, BMaaS) makes great business and financial sense. AppScale ATS, an AWS compatible infrastructure as a services platform, simplifies and facilitates the challenges of creating an AWS- hybrid deployment.

If you are a cloud-native AWS customer, we can help to substantially reduce your AWS bill, solve data gravity and sovereignty issues and give you finer-grained control over your AWS hybrid cloud.

Please stay safe.


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