AWS everywhere, and I’m not talking about Outposts.

Posted by Woody Rollins on 6/26/19 12:40 PM

As we accelerate into the second half of 2019, I wanted to share how our new, innovative product offerings are solving real customer challenges and driving outstanding business outcomes.

AppScale ATS, our product for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers, has been well received and driving inbound interest because it solves problems facing enterprise IT organizations today. A typical enterprise leverages 500-1000 applications to run their business. Each of these applications possesses unique requirements regarding performance, allocated budget, desired latency, privacy, and data location. To create the right mix of IT infrastructure, organizations are looking to align platform capabilities with the unique workload characteristics of each application in the portfolio; that is to deploy workloads on the right platform, at the right time, at the right cost. This will result in workloads being deployed on a thoughtful mix of traditional data centers, private clouds on-premise, hosted private clouds, and public cloud deployments. With AWS being “far and away” the leading public cloud provider, many organizations would like to leverage their investment and expertise in AWS technologies and extend it on-premises to drive productivity, agility, and cost savings.

However, pursuing an AWS hybrid cloud comes with challenges. Current solutions are not able to fulfil critical enterprise business and technical requirements by lacking in:

  • Compatibility: An AWS hybrid cloud should deliver a consistent developer and deployment experience across public cloud and on-premises.
  • Cost: AWS public cloud is expensive when used for predictable workloads. Applying the public cloud pricing model to on-premises deployments prevents organizations from realizing the tremendous cost savings of an effective hybrid model.
  • Control: Maintain freedom of choice, avoid single vendor lock-in and run your workloads where it makes the most business sense.

AppScale ATS is the only independent and compatible AWS hybrid solution that meets all critical enterprise business and technical requirements. AppScale enables companies to create a cost-effective, flexible AWS hybrid cloud environment utilizing our enterprise-proven on-premises AWS compatible platform. Our solution allows enterprises to create a seamless developer experience on and off-premises with a granular set of AWS compatible APIs, offer customers considerably lower costs for on-premises workload deployment (we have seen 70% savings versus AWS public cloud) and allow the enterprise to manage their AWS hybrid cloud environment from their on-premises AppScale platform; ensuring this always remains in the control of the customer while at the same time guaranteeing retainment of choice as business requirements constantly change.

The roots for our AWS product come from our earlier start-up, private cloud pioneer, Eucalyptus. From the beginning, we believed that the AWS APIs would become the standard for cloud computing. We made a bet on the AWS APIs and we have the code that implements those APIs better than anyone else (see the recent WhatMatrix Trade Study to see our performance vs AWS, Azure and VMware). Our open source implementations were so faithful, that we won the Netflix “Best Portability Enhancement" award. NetflixOSS projects can treat AppScale ATS (formerly Eucalyptus) as an additional AWS region and deploy applications to AWS regions and ATS datacenters from the same Asgard console.

We sold Eucalyptus to HP in 2014 and as the cloud market advanced, our thesis proved correct.  Now we use our high-fidelity, AWS-Verified, open source AWS APIs that we authored, to create AWS-style hybrid environments completely independent of Amazon. No lock-in, lower cost and your workload runs where it makes the most sense for your business.  If your SaaS offering was developed natively on AWS, but now you want to move it to your datacenter, co-location facility, or cloud service provider for business reasons, it is now a seamless process. No expensive rewriting of code or critical time lost in workload transition.

ATS can move AWS workloads to your data center or hosted private clouds without the need for translation, adaptation, retraining, or changes in IT personnel or policies. The ability to run AWS workloads on your data center enables quick policy changes, without expensive (and lengthy) retraining of personnel (or forming a secondary cloud management team) or costly rewrite of the current codebase. AppScale ATS has been proven at scale including NOKIA running over 300,000 cores in production for many years. ATS is ready to help you deploy an AWS hybrid cloud on your terms today.

If you would like to discuss your hybrid plans and learn more about how we can help you create an independent AWS-style cloud, in a colo, cloud provider, or on-premise datacenter, we would be interested in the conversation.

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