AppScale 3.4 Released

    Posted by Dmitrii Calzago on 10/18/17 5:01 PM

    3.4_v2_Release_blog pic.pngThe AppScale team is excited to announce the availability of AppScale 3.4! This release contains new features, additions to the API, performance improvements, upgrades for dependencies, and bug fixes.

    A key new feature is the ability to deploy and manage multiple services (formerly known as modules). App Engine applications were initially based on one frontend instance and multiple backend instances, but introduction of GAE services allowed for more flexible microservices-style deployments. With version 3.4, services can be used in AppScale, too, in addition to old-style frontend/backends.

    3.4 brings a revamped AppScalefile format, which will enable further improvements we have planned. Changing how nodes are associated with AppScale services makes for clearer, shorter, more readable configurations, especially for large installations. Changes in option names will also make AppScalefiles easier to read. For now, we’ll maintain backward compatibility: old syntax will be accepted.

    The highlights of the 3.4 release are:

    Support for services (formerly called “modules” in GAE)
    Usability improvements:
    • AppScalefile syntax overhaul
    • monit interface improvements
    • more readable logs
    Additions to the API:
    • UpdateQueues
    • bulkLoader compatibility update
    Performance improvements:
    • eventlet pool use in Celery worker (improved memory usage for heavy TaskQueue users)
    • tweaks to auto-scaling policies (improved reaction time dealing with provisioning systems)
    Dependency upgrades: Improved deployment configuration management (via Zookeeper):
    • storing Hermes configurations
    • version details
    • application metadata
    Use of Ubuntu Xenial base image for AppScale marketplace images

    As usual you can find the detailed list of changes in Github.

    Try AppScale 3.4 today

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