AppScale Partners with Optimal Dynamics to Bring Google App Engine’s Model to P2P Cloud

    Posted by Shaun Juncal on 4/11/16 11:31 AM
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    At AppScale Systems, we believe in the power of open source software to improve companies, expand access to technology and change lives. Our platform was built to bring the Google App Engine development model to everyone in the world, from students in developing countries that don’t have access to a credit card, to career developers working in countries where Google App Engine isn’t available. Today, I’m excited to announce our next step in furthering that vision.

    AppScale Systems partnering with Optimal Dynamics to power the PaaS portion of their Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing platform, Subutai Social.


    P2P Cloud

    Subutai Social is the world’s first Linux container-based P2P Cloud infrastructure platform that allows anyone in the world to share, barter, or rent compute resources. In the same way that AppScale provides access to GAE around the globe, Subutai Social gives developers an easy way to acquire cloud resources for building and running applications.

    Here’s an example of how it might look for you:

    Imagine you’re building a new application on AppScale using a local development environment (Docker, VirtualBox, etc.). When the time comes for doing your first load-test on the application, you quickly rent a cluster of machines through Subutai Social at a price much lower than your typical public cloud. Once everything checks out, you can deploy the production version of your application to Google App Engine (since AppScale and GAE support the same APIs) and use shared resources from Subutai Social to maintain backups of your app and data for redundancy. I think this is a great story, and I’m proud to be a part of it.


    Open Source

    One of the things that drew us to Subutai Social was their vision for cloud computing. At AppScale, we have believed in the power of leveraging multiple clouds from day one, seeing the value in our users being able to run AppScale on whatever infrastructure they chose. Optimal Dynamics is bringing this same vision to fog computing:

    "P2P is all about sharing, a social activity, which has its advantages, even in small groups," said Alex Karasulu, CEO of Optimal Dynamics. "Social Cloud Computing --sharing computing on a mass scale where users contribute resources-- will have a profound impact on the way we use the Internet."


    Subutai for AppScale

    From a product standpoint, we’re excited about what this will mean for our users.

    "AppScale's integration with Subutai Social adds a new dimension to our platform," said Woody Rollins, CEO of AppScale Systems. "P2P Cloud computing blends the lines between public, private, and hybrid Cloud computing. AppScale's customers come to us because they love the Google model but their business requires a more flexible deployment solution. Subutai provides a whole new avenue of options. We are very excited about this collaboration and the potential of Subutai."

    You can learn more about Subutai on GitHub ( and sign up for early beta here:


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