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    Posted by Chandra Krintz on 4/26/17 10:22 AM
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    We recently have received growing interest from our customers in moving their Google App Engine workload to Microsoft Azure, and to emerging markets around the globe.  This is no surprise given Microsoft’s wide range of global deployment options, including multiple alternatives in China. Given that AppScale is the Go-To platform for App Engine app portability, our recent partnership with Microsoft has enabled us to bring our customers the ability to go farther and reach more customers, by leveraging these alternatives.

    To make the most of this partnership, we have enhanced AppScale’s most popular feature (automatic scaling of apps) to take advantage of Azure Scale Sets.  By tightly integrating two of the most advanced technologies for scaling, AppScale now gives developers seamless integration with the Azure ecosystem and efficient and cost- effective autoscaling.  AppScale autoscaling enables apps to be highly responsive to end users and to absorb bursty loads and saves money effectively.  Moreover, we do so without requiring complex configurations, app modification, or teams of DevOps and IT experts.

    Scale Sets graphicv2.pngThis partnership also lowers the barriers associated with moving your apps to China. According to Bain & Company, China’s cloud computing market was worth $1.5 billion in 2013. This figure is expected to go up to $20 billion by 2020, a compound annual growth rate of approximately 40 percent [1].  Our combined expertise will help you effectively navigate the regulatory barriers and  manage the administrative, technical and operational costs of doing so. To date, we have successfully moved many different apps to China -- yours could be next!   To learn more about this AppScale use case, view the Teamwork Retail story.

    For an overview of Microsoft Scale Sets, check out Bruno Terkaly’s video on the technology!

    For a technical discussion of how AppScale’s Scale Set integration works and how your devs can take advantage of it, see this blog from our engineers!


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