Dispatch .yaml support (AppScale 3.8.1)

    Posted by Graziano Obertelli on 10/30/19, 12:33 PM
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    Among the features introduced in GTS 3.8, a notable one is the support for dispatch.yaml. This feature allows the application to override routing rules, thus enabling finer control over which service responds to incoming requests based on the path or the hostname. 

    Previously, GTS users had to modify their Nginx configuration to use dispatch routing rules, but the solution required more hand-holding when deploying new versions (with new rules) and was somewhat more complex to handle when in HA mode with multiple load-balancer nodes.

    GTS supports the old style of dispatch.yaml deployment, in which the file has to be deployed during the deployment of a service. Ideally you can deploy the last of your services with dispatch.yaml , thus enabling the routing override. Changes in dispatch.yaml will require a redeploy of a service. If you deploy dispatch.yaml on, for example, the first service, you will see errors since it refers to services not yet deployed. Thus you will have to deploy all the services at least once, then redeploy the service containing the dispatch.yaml to ensure the correct deployment.

    AppScale GTS 3.8.1 

    This new feature exposed an internal routing issue related to the taskqueue,  thus requiring the release of GTS version 3.8.1. The issue relates to push tasks not been correctly executed when running under secure URLs. If you upgraded to GTS 3.8 and you noticed issues with push tasks not executing correctly, please upgrade to 3.8.1. The new release is available now.

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