Announcing Public Availability of AppScale GTS 3.8

    Posted by Graziano Obertelli on 9/12/19 3:32 PM
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    We are pleased to announce AppScale GTS 3.8, the last feature release for the 3 series. As usual, the release is available as ready-to-use images on all public clouds and as source on GitHub. For detailed instructions check out  Marketplace images are going through the cloud providers' approval and will be available soon. 

    We incorporated in AppScale GTS 3.8 many features that will be enabled in AppScale GTS 4.0: in particular, new backends for datastore, search and taskqueue services (they are not the defaults yet, so no migration is required when you upgrade to AppScale GTS 3.8). This release also brings quite a few new features and improvements, including:

    • Builds are now based on Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) (the latest Ubuntu LTS): we still support and test Xenial (16.04), the previous LTS version. We removed support for Trusty (14.04) which is no longer supported upstream, and for Debian Jessie;
    • Support for Java 8, and quite a few improvements in the Java AppServer runtime;
    • Added support for dispatch.yaml: this allows for better and easier integration with applications using multiple services;
    • Removed the need of the internal infrastructure manager: this streamlined the internal communication with clouds APIs and simplified error handling; 
    • Rationalized and simplified the way to do backup/restore: we removed the backup methods based on our specific backend implementation of the datastore and other services since they were not easy to use (albeit fast). We recommend to use the backup as seen in the datastore admin page which is familiar to App Engine users;
    • We separated the agents into their own repository. Agents are used to communicate and drive AppScale GTS deployments on the various public clouds.

    For a detailed list of improvements and features added in AppScale GTS 3.8 refers to our release page on GitHub.

    As mentioned earlier, AppScale GTS 3.8 is the last feature release of the 3 series, and AppScale GTS 3.8 in particular is the release we will use to test the upgrade to AppScale GTS 4, so we recommend you to move to AppScale GTS 3.8 at your convenience. 

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