Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.7

    Posted by Graziano Obertelli on 6/20/19, 12:09 PM
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    AppScale 3.7.1 is now available on GitHub and as ready-to-use images on all public clouds: check for instructions. (We'll have it available in cloud marketplaces shortly as the images get approved.) 

    AppScale 3.7 brings  improvements across the board.  In particular:

    • Improvements in the lower component (iaas_manager) which interacts with the public clouds: this component, responsible for instance scaling, is now faster in reacting to changes and handles errors more efficiently;
    • Enforced login property to avoid serving requests not directed to the application: this saves CPUs time against malicious attempts to find vulnerabilities in particular on public cloud resources;
    • Improved responsiveness when scaling AppServers, as well as improved detection and handling of compute nodes not being responsive (or having been terminated);
    • Improved performance of our internal monitoring system (noticeable on larger deployments, of 40 nodes or more);
    • Added editing capabilities to the datastore viewer and to the pull queue viewer.

    Beyond the specific changes listed above, there are many  changes that are geared toward the upcoming AppScale 4, as well as overhaul of our build system to add support for newer OS versions.

    We strongly recommend upgrading your deployment to 3.7 at your convenience. If after upgrades you have some scripts or automated tools that are having issues connecting to the deployment, make sure that they are trying to connect using the login property as set in the AppScale file or as discovered with appscale get login as any other target will be ignored.

    AppScale 3.7-4


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