Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.6

    Posted by Graziano Obertelli on 10/18/18, 2:37 PM
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    AppScale 3.6 has just been released and we are encouraging everyone to upgrade now. Any older release currently running could be susceptible to disruption due to an unexpected security update to Monit: AppScale 3.6 will ensure correct operations.

    AppScale 3.6 brings quite a few improvements and a new experimental TaskQueue Pull Queue backend.

    Among the improvements:

    • Improved datastore operations around the regeneration of indexes
    • Improved readability of cluster state in Zookeeper
    • Added new Azure public image (beta)
    • Added handling of Azure premium managed disk
    • Updated Azure client libraries and related dependencies
    • Improved interaction with Azure to deal with unforeseen errors
    • Reworked interaction with Monit in lieu of the latest security updates
    • Fixes to a few other dependencies' versions to still allow Trusty to work (as a note, Trusty will be supported for 1 or 2 more releases only)

    The new experimental backend for TaskQueue Pull Queue implementation allows for a much larger load with lower response time, allowing to use fewer machines to serve the requests. Users may see a practical difference only for load in excess of tens of million Pull Queue tasks per day.

    This release also adds a new way of distributing the Azure image to users. Users can now start AppScale by defining the public image in the AppScalefile without having to perform multiple Azure Storage commands. This feature is currently in beta.

    Upgrade now or try the new AppScale 3.6 on the public cloud of your choice using our Marketplace images.

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