Dispatch .yaml support (AppScale 3.8.1)

    Among the features introduced in GTS 3.8, a notable one is the support for dispatch.yaml. This feature allows the application to override routing rules, thus enabling finer control over which

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    AppScale GTS 3.8: Updating Code On Demand

    Updating code on demand

    With AppScale 3.8 we added an option to allow the AppScale administrator to control what should be updated upon starting a deployment. This feature is mostly relevant to

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    Application Certificates with AppScale GTS

    Application x509 Certificate

    AppScale GTS by default creates self-signed x509 certificates the first time it is deployed. These certificates are used both for internal consumption, but also to

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    Announcing Public Availability of AppScale GTS 3.8

    We are pleased to announce AppScale GTS 3.8, the last feature release for the 3 series. As usual, the release is available as ready-to-use images on all public clouds and as source on GitHub. For

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    AWS everywhere, and I’m not talking about Outposts.

    As we accelerate into the second half of 2019, I wanted to share how our new, innovative product offerings are solving real customer challenges and driving outstanding business outcomes.

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    Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.7

    AppScale 3.7.1 is now available on GitHub and as ready-to-use images on all public clouds: check https://www.appscale.com/try-appscale/ for instructions. (We'll have it available in cloud

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    Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.6

    AppScale 3.6 has just been released and we are encouraging everyone to upgrade now. Any older release currently running could be susceptible to disruption due to an unexpected security update to

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    Monit Bug Impacting AppScale Deployments

    tl;dr: Due to a recently discovered bug in Monit, you may have encountered issues with running AppScale or applications within AppScale. A workaround is to downgrade Monit and temporarily prevent

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    The Importance of Keeping Up with the Latest Images

    You may have noticed that we recently created 3 point releases of AppScale (latest 3.5.3). In order for you to enjoy uninterrupted operation and successfully start new AppScale deployments, please

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    Using Google Pub/Sub Messaging with AppScale

    In a previous post, we explained how you can host your own version of Google Pub/Sub using an open source emulator. The emulator—provided by Google—implements the Pub/Sub API using Apache Kafka as

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