Reduce your AWS bill running Dev/Test workloads on AppScale ATS

Did you know that you can have huge savings on your AWS Dev/Test environments running them on AppScale ATS? Many of our customers didn't realize exactly how much cheaper it is to run AWS Dev/Test

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Here's How to Keep Dev/Test in the Cloud, without the Drawbacks

For most teams today, the obvious place to develop and test apps is in the cloud, right alongside the production environment that will host each new release after it has been deployed.From a

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AppScale's Hybrid AWS Solution Can Help Reduce Your AWS Bill

We’re living in a different world. Retail shops, restaurants, schools, offices, parks are being closed and travel restrictions are being imposed. All this has resulted in people spending more time

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AppScale ATS on Equinix Metal™

Today, AppScale and  Equinix Metal™ announced a partnership to enable on-demand deployment of AWS workloads on Packet's bare-metal infrastructure. If this is not (the much maligned and admittedly

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A Christmas Story

As an entrepreneur, I have met many inspirational thinkers and leaders, but none as colorful as Boston’s George Naddaff. George is a dynamic, tireless and passionate entrepreneur who was the force

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The Hybrid Cloud opportunity for Service Providers

Hybrid cloud has become the default cloud computing model for organizations as IT leaders become more selective about where to deploy different classes of workloads. The hybrid cloud market is big

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AWS everywhere, and I’m not talking about Outposts.

As we accelerate into the second half of 2019, I wanted to share how our new, innovative product offerings are solving real customer challenges and driving outstanding business outcomes.

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