Using Google Pub/Sub Messaging with AppScale

In a previous post, we explained how you can host your own version of Google Pub/Sub using an open source emulator. The emulator—provided by Google—implements the Pub/Sub API using Apache Kafka as

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Emulating Google's Cloud Pub/Sub on Apache Kafka

In cloud applications composed of micro-services, there are a number of ways to send data between services, but they all have their share of problems. Sending messages directly between two

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Pulumi — first impressions

Pulumi, which came out of stealth mode yesterday, is an interesting technology. It allows someone to describe their cloud application stack — on any cloud — using general-purpose programming

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Deploying Applications Using AppScale

In our previous post, Getting Started with Google App Engine, we showed how to deploy Java, PHP, and Python applications using Google App Engine. While App Engine is a great platform for quickly

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Getting Started with Google App Engine

 In 2008, Google introduced App Engine, one of the first serverless computing services. Google App Engine, or GAE for short, lets you deploy applications directly to Google Cloud, bypassing the

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Interning at AppScale

 How did an Italian engineering student make her "California Dream" come true?

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AppScale 3.5: collecting performance data with Hermes

With AppScale 3.5 release, the internal system for gathering system-wide performance statistics, called Hermes (after the messenger of Greek gods), is coming out of the shadow and becoming useful

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How much does Google App Engine cost to run your app vs. IaaS?

When Google App Engine (GAE) launched in preview for 20,000 developers in early 2008, few would have guessed that it would reach 100,000+ active developers per month and 200,000+ active apps per

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AppScale 3.5: The Datastore Viewer Explained

tl;dr: Datastore Viewer introduced in AppScale 3.5 allows users to inspect the contents of the NoSQL database which is available to all AppScale applications out of the box.

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Announcing Public Availability of AppScale 3.5

We are thrilled to announce that AppScale 3.5 has just been released!

The 3-series has been focused on improving the user experience for our core users of application developers and operators. 3.5

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