Slaying the Scaling Dragon

Auto-scaling with AppScale in Azure

AppScale continues to make App Engine applications portable

If you read our blog, you already know how much we like and value the App Engine model at AppScale. Google created a brilliant PaaS with App Engine that allows developers to focus on the application and their innovations.  App Engine abstracts away the need to plan ahead for scaling, ops, or infrastructure changes/improvements. We liked it so much, that we created an Open Source version of it. Find us on GitHub and star us!

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First Class Upgrade!

Google created a great development model with App Engine (GAE), and while it runs on its own infrastructure, it gives access to the best ops: Google’s. Without the need to care about ops, or the need to think about how to scale, developers can focus entirely on the application logic, which is the brilliance of the model.  On the GAE platform, Google takes care of upgrading, hardware, software, API levels

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Alibaba, Google and AppScale

I am fresh back from my first trip to China and my eyes are wide open.  Wow.  What an amazing, deeply cultural and opportunity-rich experience.  I was struck with the warmth and courtesy I received at each of my important meetings; AlibabaMicrosoft, Tencent, 21Vianet, Forrester Research and Unisplendour Corporation.  I was given a tour of the state-of-the art Alibaba facilities and served traditional chrysanthemum tea at Microsoft.  

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Datastore Changes in 3.0

The datastore is one of the most heavily-used App Engine APIs, and it was one of the first components that AppScale implemented. It has seen many iterations, including (at one time) support for 12 database backends. Now that we’ve settled on Cassandra as our supported database, we’ve reached much greater stability. However, we are always looking for ways to increase the performance of the datastore while maintaining that stability.

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New Beginnings at AppScale

 All good things come to an end. But then again, every end is a new beginning….” This is how I ended my last blog post. Two weeks later and I already found my ‘new beginning’. I am happy to say that I will go back to Santa Barbara and work for AppScale.

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AppScale 2.9 Released!

Today we're happy to announce the 2.9 version of the platform you know and love!

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AppScale: The Secret Weapon for Product Managers

Product Managers (PMs) today must be "Jacks (or Jacklyns) of All Trades" -- adept at a wide variety business and technology roles within a company, in order to manage multiple products from inception to phase out.  Given intense time-to-market pressures, PMs must also be agile and adaptive to be successful.

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Gartner, Google, AppScale and UCSB

The mention of AppScale in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant came as a surprise to us at AppScale.  It wasn’t that AppScale was mentioned; after all, our customers

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Interning at AppScale - All good things come to an end

All good things come to an end... As my internship is coming to an end, my time in Santa Barbara is almost done here. Luckily, the last month was as exciting as the previous months. I had some fun projects to work on and had the opportunity to meet some exciting people.

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AppScale 2.8.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of AppScale 2.8.0!

This second to last version of the series, brings a long list of small improvements, and starts to lay the foundation for the upcoming 3 series; in particular in the datastore and controller services, as well as in the AppScale Tools  to make an admin's life easier.

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