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Posted by Matthias Van Den Eede on 6/25/16 11:00 AM

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622_Sterns_Wharf.jpg All good things come to an end. But then again, every end is a new beginning….” This is how I ended my last blog post. Two weeks later and I already found my ‘new beginning’. I am happy to say that I will go back to Santa Barbara and work for AppScale.

AppScale made me a job offer two weeks before the end of my internship. I needed some time to think about this opportunity as this could be a huge change in my life. Leaving Belgium and going to live in the United States is not a decision you make in one day. While I was back in Belgium and enjoying the rainy weather, something felt weird. The urge to go back became bigger and bigger. After a week and a lot of thinking, I made my decision. I wanted to go back to Santa Barbara and work for AppScale.

With my major in International Business, this is the perfect career opportunity to work and live in another country and show my skills. One of the benefits of the place where I would be working is the weather of course. I do not need to pack my winter coat for Santa Barbara, that’s for sure. The biggest benefit for me is not the weather, it is working with the AppScale team again. Although I will graduate this month and already know everything (wished this was true), the amount of experience and knowledge at AppScale is so big that I will keep learning and develop myself. As you could read in my previous blog, it was really pleasant to work with the whole AppScale team and I think this was the biggest factor that made me decide to come back and work for AppScale. I am looking forward to start my new job as Digital Marketing Manager and I cannot wait to get on that plane again and move to Santa Barbara. I am positive that this will be a success story. Why? I know that I will be in good hands and I definitely know that I will do everything I can to make this work and take AppScale to even bigger heights.

It was very hard for me to make the decision to leave my friends and family in Belgium but I knew I would become part of a new family, the very warm and friendly family of AppScale.

Matthias Van Den Eede

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