Interning at AppScale - All good things come to an end

Posted by Matthias Van Den Eede on 5/17/16 11:00 PM

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All good things come to an end... As my internship is coming to an end, my time in Santa Barbara is almost done here. Luckily, the last month was as exciting as the previous months. I had some fun projects to work on and had the opportunity to meet some exciting people.

Having some kind of price calculator for the AppScale website was something that the team would like to have. During our last sprint planning, the subject of the price calculator came up again and was assigned to me. I was very excited to bring this project to a good end. Making the calculator was very challenging and I needed to work very closely with our engineering team as this knowledge was out of my comfort zone. I mean, they got the brains and I …, lets say I do my best to understand everything. Eventually, we were able to make our price calculator which is in beta version at this point but you can expect it soon on the AppScale website.

Another exciting project they had for me was to help setting up the social media project for AppScale. As you can see, I was able to work with all the different departments of the company during my internship. I had the opportunity to work with the Sales, Marketing, Product development and the Engineering team.

Opportunity is also the perfect word to summary my internship. The AppScale team gave me so many opportunities so that I could learn new things. Sometimes it was scary because I didn’t know how to do it but as Richard Branson would say: ‘If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!’. So I tried to grab every opportunity they gave me with both hands. A great example is that thanks to Woody, I was able to meet the Mayor of Santa Barbara. I was honored to meet her and have a short interview with her for my thesis about ‘Our City App’.

It’s going to be hard to leave this beautiful place behind. The beach, the palmtrees, the sun, … but like I said in the beginning of my post, all good things come to an end. But then again, every end is a new beginning…

I would like to take this moment to thank the entire AppScale team for giving me the best internship a student could possibly have. It is not always easy to feel home and welcome in a different country but the AppScale team did everything to feel me welcome here. It was truly a pleasure working for AppScale!


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