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Posted by Matthias Van Den Eede on 4/6/16 7:00 PM

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The journey continues

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”- Benjamin Franklin.

 When you are doing an internship, you want to learn. You want to be involved and feel like you are  part of the team. This is why I safely can say I am lucky to intern at AppScale. I have been learning so much this past weeks, it is unbelievable.

One of the items they implement here is called ‘the sprint’. I was already panicking because I didn’t bring my running shoes to Santa Barbara.  When I am not working, running is not my priority here when you have a beach so close to your door so I can say that I am not in top condition to sprint. Luckily for me, ‘the sprint’ they were talking about is a sprint for marketing and is a form of agile marketing. Agile marketing is inspired by agile development and the purpose of this is that you improve the speed of work and when you hit a problem, you can quickly solve or change your path.

Doing your internship for a startup is always very exciting because you can follow everything very closely and learn a lot. The last weeks, AppScale was attending some conferences like ‘Teamwork’, ‘GDC’ and ‘GCP Next’. It was fascinating to see the preparation for these conferences and being able to help prepare for it. During one of our sprint meetings, our CEO Woody Rollins came up with the following quote: ‘It is amazing how much we trust this guy’. It was fun to hear this because it shows that the AppScale team involves me in what they do and so far I didn’t burn down the office so I think I am doing good.

This are just some examples of the different and exciting new things I learn here. It is also very helpful to work with experienced colleagues who take their time for me and learn me how things are done. Beside all the new things I learn here who are business related, the experience of living in another country also learned me a lot so far. Different cultures, way of thinking, … learned me to remove my ‘eyepatches’. I need to admit, stepping out of my comfort zone was scary but if I wanted to learn new experiences, this was necessary.

It is also fun to do some activities outside work with the AppScale team. I was able to go karting with them and last week I had the opportunity to attend the UCSB Innovation awards. As you can see, I didn’t regret it for a second to come to Santa Barbara and doing my internship for AppScale. They are doing everything that is possible to give me a great experience and verify my horizon.

- Matthias Van Den Eede, Intern at AppScale


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