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Posted by Woody Rollins on 8/23/16 9:03 AM


I am fresh back from my first trip to China and my eyes are wide open.  Wow.  What an amazing, deeply cultural and opportunity-rich experience.  I was struck with the warmth and courtesy I received at each of my important meetings; AlibabaMicrosoft, Tencent, 21Vianet, Forrester Research and Unisplendour Corporation.  I was given a tour of the state-of-the art Alibaba facilities and served traditional chrysanthemum tea at Microsoft.  I dined on Peking duck and traditional pepper beef, toured the Forbidden City and climbed The Great Wall.  It was an unforgettable experience and a trip I hope to make often as we deepen our partnerships with these respected companies.

For existing customers and those who have been receiving our marketing materials, you know that China has become an important use case for AppScale.  Google created something brilliant with Google App Engine (GAE) in 2008 and it has become widely adopted and tremendously popular.  Why?  Because it is easy to use and once the coding is done, App Engine will take care of scaling the application, automatically.   App Engine brings innovation to market in record time.  Unicorns like SnapChat and Khan Academy; game studios like Niantic (Pokemon Go), Pocket Gems and Outfit7; enterprises like Coca-Cola, Motorola and Philips and SaaS providers like Evite, Kahuna and Sony Music all use Google App Engine to fuel their success.

The success of GAE is the reason for my trip to China.  Many of the companies that have leveraged App Engine would now like to bring those applications, games or SaaS to China.  As Google does not run in domestic China and AppScale is the open source implementation of GAE, these enterprises and studios can deploy their applications without modification on AppScale and run them in Alibaba, Microsoft, Tencent or on-premises.  The value proposition to our customers is substantial as we allow them to get their applications quickly into the China market without modification, saving money and priceless development time.  And with our Chinese partners, we can make the transition seamless for our customers as we handle all aspects of the deployment.

We have also taken steps to make AppScale more easily accessible within China, starting with our team of AppScale engineers in Beijing that support our customers and developers with local time and native language support, which is critical for success in China.  We are also pleased to announce that AppScale is now available in the Alibaba Marketplace.  Similar to AWS, GCP and Azure Marketplace, click the AppScale button and you have a fully-provisioned AppScale instance running in the Alibaba Cloud.  It takes just minutes and you are up and running.  We were the honored guests of Alibaba at the DTNext Conference in Beijing and joined Hitachi and SAP as one of the initial Alibaba Cloud partners in this exclusive program. See story here.

I am so pleased with these developments and particularly excited to help our customers extend the reach of their applications, generate more revenue and capture the hearts and minds of the Chinese people with their innovative applications.  Now we’re having fun!

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