Shaun Juncal

Shaun Juncal is a Product Manager at AppScale Systems. He is passionate about building quality products and seeing them make customers successful.
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AppScale Partners with Optimal Dynamics to Bring Google App Engine’s Model to P2P Cloud

At AppScale Systems, we believe in the power of open source software to improve companies, expand access to technology and change lives.

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Running AppScale on a Raspberry Pi 2

 One of my favorite things about the AppScale platform is its ability to run anywhere.

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AppScale 2.6.0 Released

We're happy to announce the launch of AppScale 2.6.0! 

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Three Steps for Tapping Into the Chinese Mobile Gaming Market

For many mobile game studios, China represents an untapped audience of 366 million users that spend $6 billion a year on apps and in-app purchases.

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AppScale 2.5.0 Released

We're happy to announce the launch of AppScale 2.5.0! 

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Three Reasons Game Developers Love AppScale

Gaming companies have been large adopters of aPaaS (application Platform as a Service).

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AppScale on Google Compute Engine

The following instructions show you how to get AppScale quickly up and running on Google Compute Engine. 

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What's your Google App Engine backup strategy?

At AppScale Systems, we’re committed to making life easier for Google App Engine/AppScale users by building customer-driven products that meet the real needs of people in the App Engine ecosystem.

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Google App Engine Revealed

HawkEye brings platform monitoring to Google App Engine applications.

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