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Maximal Performance with HAProxy

AppScale is a portable cloud platform that deploys and runs anywhere, including over Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and your own private laptop or cluster, among others. To enable this portability, AppScale integrates a number of amazing open source software technologies behind the scenes and exposes them through Google App Engine’s “PaaS” APIs.

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AppScale: The Secret Weapon for Product Managers

Product Managers (PMs) today must be "Jacks (or Jacklyns) of All Trades" -- adept at a wide variety business and technology roles within a company, in order to manage multiple products from inception to phase out.  Given intense time-to-market pressures, PMs must also be agile and adaptive to be successful.

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What Google's Support of Open Source Means for Cloud

It has been interesting to watch the rapid growth of Google, and especially the Google Cloud Platform, this past year.

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