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Posted by Shaun Juncal on 5/6/15 11:09 AM

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The following instructions show you how to get AppScale quickly up and running on Google Compute Engine. 

To set up AppScale on a different cloud or to download the source code go to GitHub.

What you'll need to get started: A Google Cloud Platform project with billing enabled


1. Set up Google Compute Engine

One-time configuration to create a suitable network for AppScale. You will be able to re-use this network for all AppScale deployments.

  • Go to your Google Cloud Platform project in the Google Developers Console.
  • Under Compute/Compute Engine/Networks create a new network named “appscale” with the default Address Range (you can leave Gateway empty).
  • For that network, add two new firewall rules (one for TCP and one for UDP) with the following parameters:
    • Name: "all-tcp" / "all-udp"
    • Source filter: "IP ranges"
    • Source IP ranges: ""
    • Allowed protocols or ports: "tcp:1-65535" / "udp:1-65535"


2. Launch a GCE instance

Import the AppScale FastStart image and launch a GCE instance.
  • Under Compute/Compute Engine/Images, click “New Image”, and fill out the form.
    • Name: “your-image-name”
    • Source type: “Cloud Storage object”
    • Cloud Storage object path: “/appscale-images/faststart-appscale_image-2.3.1-None-1430333649.tar.gz”
    • Click “Create”.
  • Under Compute/Compute Engine/Images, select your new image and click “Create Instance”.
    • Name: “your-instance-name” (Note: that will be your password to access the AppScale dashboard)
    • Choose your zone of preference.
    • Choose machine type (Recommended: n1-standard-1, n1-standard-2).
    • Click “Management, disk, networking, access & security options”.
    • Under Networking/Network choose “appscale”.
    • Click “Create” and launch the instance.
  • Wait for a few minutes while AppScale starts up (this video might help you pass the time).


3. Check out your app

Log in to the AppScale Dashboard to see and manage your deployment.
  • Copy the external IP from the GCE VM Instances console.
  • Visit http://[external IP] to see a sample application.
  • To log in to the AppScale dashboard, visit http://[external IP]:1080 (username: "", password: “your-instance-name”).
  • Great work, you've successfully deployed an app on AppScale!

Run into any issues? Feel free to reach out to us on IRC (#appscale), Twitter (@appscalecloud), or AppScale Community. Or send us an email at

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