AppScale 2.9 Released!

Posted by Meni Vaitsi on 6/24/16 11:05 AM

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Today we're happy to announce the 2.9 version of the platform you know and love!


AppScale 2.9 is the last version of the series and a bridge for great improvements that will be coming later this summer. But before we get there, here’s what’s new:

  • Zookeeper is now the main deployment layout store. All AppScale servers can find out their place in the cluster from Zookeeper. This is a big step towards dynamic configuration changes at runtime, as well as tolerance to server failure.

  • We improved application fault tolerance. By modifying the algorithm for application instance placement in available App Servers, AppScale now has more balanced resource usage and significantly smaller reaction time to server failures.

  • Version 2.9 comes with a new tool, appscale upgrade! Moving forward, this new AppScale tool will facilitate upgrades of large and small deployments, while reducing complexity and time spent.


Spoiler alert!

We’re really excited about AppScale 2.9 as much as we’re about 3.0We’re working on a new datastore layout, that will improve performance and disk usage, as well as a couple other cool features that they won’t let me talk about (hint: the code will be in the usual place).

Stay tuned for updates!


Now go check out AppScale 2.9.

Is this is your first time trying AppScale? Click below and see it in action in just a few minutes!

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