AppScale 2.7.0 Released!

Posted by Graziano Obertelli on 2/16/16 8:44 AM

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AppScale 2.7.0

We are excited to announce the release of AppScale 2.7.0!

AppScale 2.7.0 makes it easier for users to deploy and manage AppScale deployments and applications across various types of infrastructure.


Easier Deployment on Various Infrastructures

Since 2.5.0, we actively started to simplify the way that AppScale is started and shifted focus towards the developer and  application owner experience. To that extent we redesigned Get Started to show how easy it is to get your App Engine application onto AppScale. With 2.7.0 we:

  • improved the FastStart script to cover more infrastructures on which AppScale runs
  • updated the build process and support for different environments which hopefully helped Leo Andres and Ali Nadeem to get AppScale running on Raspberry Pi 2
  • distributed AppScale images on Ubuntu Trusty starting from this release. With Xenial coming up in Beta, we are partnering with Canonical to bring it on AppScale very soon
  • improved AppScale state handling across reboots and restarts (node automatic reintegrations, persistence of application ports)


Simplified Application Management

AppScale is designed to make life easier for developers and application owners. 2.6.0 brought support for Docker in our FastStart process, the easiest way to start a dev/test environment. For developers and application owners, the ability to quickly detect possible issues or application problems is paramount. 2.7.0 brings:

  • improved logs. Application logs have been agreggated on a single node for some time, but 2.7.0 improved on the timeliness and the formatting of the delivery. Operation flows is now easier to interpret when following the various components implement the 25+ App Engine APIs
  • improved detection of application deployment, i.e. detecting if the application is started (or not), limiting possible 502s when accessing the application too soon
  • improved detection of possible collisions when allocating ports, or when detecting if a process is listening to the wrong port


Increased GAE API Compliance

AppScale brings the power of Google App Engine to any infrastructure. Compliance to the APIs is fundamental to ensure an high quality application owner experience. Because AppScale runs on a lot of different infrastructures, leveraging existing services is the best way to quickly support new environments. 2.7.0 improves compliance with OS and GAE with:

  • the capability to manually update composite indices
  • refreshed URLFetch API support
  • compliance with keeping 1GB of application logs as GAE does
  • improved operations on cloud infrastructures for both login from consoles (i.e. GCE), and in case of errors, allowing nodes to easily reintegrate after being restarted

Click below to get started with AppScale 2.7.0, and feel free to reach out on our Community Group or IRC (#appscale) if you have any questions or feedback.



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