AppScale 2.6.0 Released

Posted by Shaun Juncal on 1/4/16 7:34 AM

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AppScale 2.6.0

We're happy to announce the launch of AppScale 2.6.0! 

Everything about AppScale 2.6.0 spells better developer experience. It comes with an improved FastStart track, which allows you to deploy a dev/test AppScale deployment with a single command on any infrastructure!

For those of you who already know their way around AppScale, here’s what’s new:


1. Better Java support

AppScale now supports the 1.8.4 Java App Engine SDK. Even though in AppScale we cherry pick features from various SDK versions, it's always nice to refresh the baseline. AppScale 2.6.0 also comes with improvements in the Java Cron API and in the  application deployment process.

We are grateful for the bug reports and contributions from all of you that make AppScale better with every new release!


2. AppScale in a Docker container

AppScale is now automatically built and pushed as a Docker image! As with Vagrant/VirtualBox, you get a dev/test environment at your disposal in seconds.

You can pull an AppScale-ready image from the Docker Hub and start playing with it right away.


Visit our new Get Started page and take AppScale for a spin!


We'd love to hear what you think about AppScale 2.6.0. Join us on IRC (#appscale on freenode)!


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