AppScale 2.4.0 Released

Posted by Meni Vaitsi on 9/22/15 11:46 AM

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Today we are excited to announce the release of AppScale 2.4.0!

The main focus for this release is improving the developer's experience with AppScale. AppScale 2.4.0 includes new features such as centralized application logs that help to quickly isolate and identify application errors, simpler bootstrapping to install AppScale from source, upgraded Java SDK support, and an exciting new component, Hermes. Hermes is the cornerstone for safe and secure interaction with an AppScale deployment. If you’re a dev, you’ll love this!

Here’s a list of highlights and bug fixes:

  • Upgraded to Ruby 1.9
  • Upgraded Java support to SDK 1.8.1
  • Caught various Datastore bugs
  • Fast Start for Google Compute Engine
  • Added Shibboleth login capability
  • Backbone of Hermes, AppScale's Messenger
  • Centralized application log on the head node
  • Reporting the ports used by an application
  • Better encoding handling and argument parsing
  • Fixed various Java bugs
  • Removed confirmation page after AppScale login
  • Simpler bootstrapping of AppScale
  • Prevent Cassandra from filling up the disk with heap dumps
  • Added email layer that enables debug mode

You can grab new AppScale images here, or upgrade your existing deployments like so.

As a reminder, you can send questions and report issues, here in the AppScale Community Group, on IRC (#appscale on freenode), or on the GitHub issue trackers (appscale, appscale-tools).

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