AppScale 2.3.1 Released

Posted by Graziano Obertelli on 5/5/15 10:52 AM

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AppScale 2.3.1

We are excited to announce the latest version of AppScale, 2.3.1!

This release marks the continuous efforts we undertook to make Ops tasks easier. So in this release notes you will find a solid maintenance release that emphasizes a clean integration with existing systems.

The effort to make Ops tasks easier is an ongoing effort we have, and we dedicate quite a bit of efforts toward it, and the best results we have is when the end user don't see any issue, any discrepancy, and over all she is not getting surprised. This is the typical hidden work of Ops, and it's measured in production users depending on it.

Highlights of features/bugs in this release:

  • User management scripts
  • Whitelisted Crypto libraries in python
  • ZooKeeper autopurge
  • Separated out data grooming service
  • Crontab update fix
  • Fixed functional tests for soap server
  • Fixed ZK blacklist check
  • Fixed handling application specified environment variables
  • Validate crontab lines before inserting
  • Removed secret from command line args for application servers
  • Use hash of secret for RabbitMQ
  • AppController is now a system service
  • Improve error messages in EC2
  • Removed duplicate entities when doing queries on list properties
  • Better handling on AppScale versions
  • Removed unused scripts

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