AppScale 2.2 Released

Posted by Raj Chohan on 2/18/15 9:53 AM

AppScale 2.2.0

Hey AppScalers! Today we're releasing 2.2.0 which has our initial implementation of the search API powered by SOLR. There are also many security and bug fixes, along with an upgrade to the NDB library.

Highlights of features/bugs in AppScale 2.2.0:

  • Updated NDB to latest version
  • GHOST patch
  • No more uncommitted reads outside or inside a transaction
  • PHP version fix
  • Fixed unit test
  • Initial support for Search API (experimental)
  • Fix for "+" sign in EC2 key for multinode deployments
  • Updated fast start
  • Removed unused scripts and deadcode
  • Removed apache from build
  • Removed ntp call in cronjob
  • Updated logic for reconnection to ZK
  • Fixed FD leak for ZK
  • Native backup and restore for AppScale
  • Catching exception from Cassandra causing groomer/garbage collection issues
  • Fixed issue when binding to private IP
  • Made unit tests run faster
  • Added support for all ancestor paths on composite indexes

Release notes:

AppScale GAE monitoring portal:

Documentation can be found at the GitHub Wiki.

We are always happy to help, so please report bugs at our AppScale GitHub Issue Tracker and AppScale Tools GitHub Issue Tracker, or hit us up at #appscale on freenode or the community mailing list if you run into problems.


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