AppScale 2.1: Putting the Scale in AppScale

Posted by Graziano Obertelli on 12/5/14 5:59 PM

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AppScale 2.1.0

We're excited to announce the launch of AppScale 2.1!

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but we thought AppScalers deserved an early Christmas present.

AppScale 2.1 is a customer driven release, and it includes a number of improvements focused on applications running in production. We payed special attention to stress testing for 2.1, including testing platform performance at 120,000 Cassandra operations/second with large data sets. We also implemented our own Remote API JAR for hybrid deployments between Google App Engine and AppScale that can talk to a common backend Datastore, as well as new maintenance and load balancing tools.

New features and improvements include:

  • Updated bootstrap script
  • No longer overwriting SSL cert and private key on "appscale down"
  • NDB patch
  • Remove duplicates of host names found in ZooKeeper
  • Better logging in AppController
  • Use default HAProxy health checking
  • Allowing connections to self signed certificates for remote API
  • Email fix to allow for multiple attachments (python)
  • Removed API checker
  • Script to enable datastore viewer by IP
  • White listed future builtins
  • No longer storing temporary queues
  • Reloading taskqueue queues on redeploy
  • Increased concurrency of taskqueue celery workers to 10
  • Handle new queues when queue definitions change
  • Provide an empty cursor if requested
  • Force HTTPS when pointing to port 443 (python)
  • Dashboard navigation fixes
  • Ancestors for composites now always point to the root entity
  • Fixed maximum number of groups in a XG transaction
  • Catch exceptions for ZK errors in datastore server
  • Throw correct exceptions on illegal XG operations (needed for objectify)
  • Java has its datastore set to HighReplication
  • Added OFair to celery workers to not prefetch tasks
  • Increased the number of datastore servers to be a multiple of CPU cores
  • Improved groomer to handle more errors and retry
  • Disable ssl3 (POODLE)
  • Have Groomer delete logs older than 7 days
  • Clean up transaction journal in groomer
  • More fault tolerance with datastore operations and better load balancing
  • Fixed broken unit tests
  • Log rotation for saving disk space
  • Remove conflicting jars when uploading a Java application
  • Make sure jars are copied in when a java application is re-uploaded
  • Remote API support for java (custom jar to include in application)
  • Retry logic for sending emails (python)
  • Have a java error application when an upload goes bad
  • Fast start script for easy single node deployment
  • RabbitMQ fix for node clustering

Thanks to all for the efforts in making this the best release yet of AppScale!

- The AppScale Team

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