Google Compute Engine Released

Posted by Shaun Juncal on 12/3/13 1:45 PM

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Google announced this week that it has finally opened its IaaS up to the general public.

Google Compute Engine

The release has also come with a pricing update that reduces the cost of their standard instances by 10%. This week also marks the availability for developers to start using any out of the box Linux distributions. Another great update that came along with the general public release is the addition of Docker support, the popular tool for creating virtual containers from your apps. Google has increased its IaaS horsepower by adding a new 16-core instance type, although GCE has yet to match AWS’s IaaS offerings they are well on the road to getting there. We’ve had the privilege to have been using GCE for the past eight months and have enjoyed watching it progress. The ease of use has improved tremendously in the past few months both from the command line and web console. We are happy to have GCE as a supported cloud infrastructure for AppScale PaaS. The reliability and performance has been stellar in our experience. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for a certain to be dominant player in IaaS.

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