How to Scale to 1 Million Requests

Posted by Raj Chohan on 11/26/13 1:52 PM

Google shows how to scale an application to 1 million requests-per-second for $10.

Yesterday on the Google Cloud Platform Blog, Tony Voellm a Google Platform engineer, demonstrated a method of how developers can scale their app to one million requests-per-second for the incredibly low price of just $10. The impressive feat was accomplished without pre-warming VMs or use of any other services besides Google Platform.


"To demonstrate scaling of the Compute Engine Load Balancing fanout we used 200 n1-standard-1’s Web Server running Apache v2.2.22 on Debian 7.1 Wheezy Images. Users are encouraged to use larger VM types for better single machine backend web serving, however here we demonstrated the scaling of the load balancer to backends and were not concerned with the backends themselves using every cycle to serve responses. Each backend web server received ~5K requests per second, which is an even distribution." - Tony Voellum

The Cloud Platform team was kind enough to provide the method and code they used to simulate one million concurrent requests, the Gist can be found here.

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